Seven iDP Control Knee
Seven iDP Control Knee
Seven iDP Control Knee
Seven iDP Control Knee

Seven iDP Control Knebeskytter

Seven iDP
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Race bred protection with a hardshell outer and polygon foam internals for maximum comfort and freedom

The Control Knee pads is for racers and riders looking for lightweights, hard shell protection. Our innovative Pedal FLex system combines with our centre strap and above calf support to give a secure fit and pedalling freedom. The pad of choice for Justin Leov.

Speed is the priority for racing, to gain that speed, efficient pedalling is key. The Pedal Flex panel stretches and contracts giving the freedom of movement needed to maintain fluid pedalling when pushing against the clock.

Manufactured using a recycled polymer then moulded into our custom cap, Curv is the only answer for a race pad. Designed to slide over rather than grip any surface a rider meets at flat out race speeds.

To remove any bias from a side loading strap our centre strap system is designed to apply even pressure around the lower thigh. A fixed strap sits above the calves’ widest point to avoid any chance of the pads slipping down.

Our Centre Strap system imparts pressure evenly across the thigh via two straps meaning less tension is needed to keep the pads in place when combined with the wide internal silicone strip.
The Control pads utilises the lightweight but impact resistant properties of Curv™ to give the best protection without the weight penalty. Using Curv™ also allows knees to slide during high speeds impacts rather than hooking up on rough ground moving the pad out of position.
Designed for both Enduro and Downhill racing the Control pads feature additional side protection on both the inner and outer surfaces to maximise coverage and protection against side impacts.
Keeping weight down but performance high led us to develop the over calf rear strap. Sitting above the widest part of the calf this strap stops the pads from slipping down without the need for another hook and loop closure.
Between the main and upper section of the Control Knee pad lies the Pedal Flex system. Simply an elasticated section that allows the strap section to remain close to the thigh and maintain fit throughout the pedalling motion.
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